How do I get involved?

At Rhema South we believe that each person has a part to play in building God’s church.

To find your perfect fit in one of our many departments and learn more about who we are as a church, please register and complete Discover Church.

In Discover Church we give you all the information you will require to start serving at Rhema South. This is a three week course which consist of the following courses:

Discover Home

We would love to meet you! Join us as we connect with each other on this Sunday Morning and learn more about who we are as a church, our vision, values and culture.

Discover Purpose

Each of us were designed by God with specific gifts and talents that make us unique as a person. Understanding where we fit in and how we are supposed to function within the Body of Christ starts with discovering who we are. On this Thursday night you will learn more about these gifts to discover your purpose and how you fit into the Body of Christ.

Volunteer Training Night

Once you have completed Discover Purpose and Discover Home, the next step will be Volunteer training. This evening will allow you get an overview of each department within the church and start you on your journey with volunteering at Rhema South.