We are so excited to have begun the start of our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting for 2018. We believe that over these 21 days God will reveal Himself in a more intimate and personal way as we set time aside in prayer and through fasting.

We learn through the book of James that God draws closer to us as we draw closer to Him. That is precisely the heart behind our 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting - that God would become more evident in and through our lives.

Throughout this time, we are full of faith and have great expectation for God to give us clarity and direction as well as bring His strength into every area of our life.

If you are still thinking about joining us over this time, then, we would LOVE for you to join us and be part of this, together as the family of Rhema South.

There are various fasts in which you could choose from:


This is a water only fast. This particular fast is where no food is consumed, it is where all you take in is water.

Please note that this fast would require proper medical advice where necessary.


Also known as the "Daniel Fast". This fast consist of fruit, vegetables as well as water.


Also known as the "Jewish Fast". Commonly known as "6 to 6". This is a fast in which you do not have breakfast or lunch, only a healthy dinner.


This is a great fast to add to any of the above three. Today, in the world we live in, we are overwhelmed and consumed by technology and recent affairs. Often, we can get side-tracked and caught up with temporary and momentary things that cause us to miss sight of what God is doing around us. This fast sets time aside to withdraw from social platforms as well as anything that could hinder us from setting aside the time and discipline to engage in The Word of God through reading and prayer.

Fasting is personal, and as such we believe that God wants to have a personal journey with you throughout these 21 days as you draw closer to Him, and He closer to you.

We believe that as you set this time aside to draw close to God, God will speak into your life, now and throughout the year.

Believe God to do GREAT things in your life in 2018.